Aleem Dar's Lahore hotel "Dar’s Delighto" to offer free food for the needy

Aleem Dar is a respected international umpire.

Aleem Dar's Lahore resturant "Dar’s Delighto" | Twitter

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has created a sense of panic amongst the people. But while people have been under lockdown, there have been some terrific incidents of people coming together, helping each other in this fight against the virus.

Pakistan’s international umpire Aleem Dar recently grabbed some headlines after he offered food for all the unemployed and needy at his restaurant.

I request all people to follow the instructions as directed by the government. During this lockdown, people have become jobless. I own a restaurant named Dar’s Delighto on Pia Road in Lahore. People who are jobless especially can come there and eat food for free,” he said.

Have a look at Aleem Dar’s video on Twitter:

The virus which was deemed as a pandemic by WHO has affected about 5 lakh people across the globe with the death toll going over 22,000. Hence, everyone is advised to stay indoors to stop this virus from spreading.

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By Swapnil Shireesh Javkhedkar - 26 Mar, 2020

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