'Quarantine special' with Virender Sehwag; he reveals his unexplored side on Instagram live

Sehwag interacted with fans on Instagram live and answered their questions.

Virender Sehwag | Instagram

Former India cricketer Virender Sehwag interacted with his fans on Instagram. The quarantine period isn't easy and the chat session with fans was a good way to kill time for both, Sehwag and his followers. In this chat session, a lot about the cricketer was revealed.

Firstly, Sehwag talked about people not taking lockdown seriously and coming out of their houses. He said police are forced to lathi-charge as the citizens are not following the issued notice.

"My friends keep on telling me on the phone that people are still coming out on roads unnecessarily. I don't understand what is the need of doing such things. For the first time, it has happened that both the private and public sectors have asked to stay home and work or not work. You are getting your salaries, you can spend time with your family, enjoy that time and please don't step out of your houses. Coronavirus has this ego of not entering your houses. It's just a matter of 15 to 20 days.", he said.

Sehwag is taking care of everyone's safety in the house. He has kept sanitizers in every room. When asked about the number of sanitizers he has at his homes, he said, "I have kept sanitizers in all my rooms including guard and servant rooms. Everyone coming to the house have to sanitize themselves first. I have kept at least 12 sanitizers across my rooms and also kept many in stalk for backup. I am washing my hands thrice every 2-3 hours, so why can't you. If you wash your hands frequently, the novel coronavirus cannot even touch you."

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It is time to go a day without any productive work. Sehwag is keeping himself busy in this period by spending time with his family. He is playing indoor and outdoor games with his kids. Apart from cricket, he is also playing indoor games like ludo, carrom, snake and ladder and his kids. 

Sehwag has started to watch web series on drug-mafias and he rated Pablo Escobar and El Chapo as the best.

The former India opening batsman disclosed he is a good tea-maker and his teammates used to love his tea. He said everyone at once was addicted to 'Veeru-styled' tea. Sehwag used a lot of milk and that is what made his tea special. 

Lauding his mother's cooking skill, he said, "My wife is a very good cook but my mother is the best cook in the house."

Sehwag loves to engage in banter with his kids. His kids call him 'flat-track bully' and that makes him show them his innings in tough conditions like Nottingham.

"They can't beat me on the field in any sports and that is why they are inviting me for a PS4 game lately, they want to beat me there and tease me later," he jokingly said.

"I used to play marbles in the past and during this quarantine time I have taken them out from a bag. I am teaching my kids a few techniques related to the game," he added.

Sehwag aka Viru is known for his sense of humor. He also revealed an incident when he 'disappointed' his family members. "They (His family members) were expecting that I would fail but I disappointed everyone and passed my exams."

This period is going to be the longest Sehwag will be away from cricket. He said, from being a cricketer, coach, to a commentator he has always tried to stay connected with the game. 

Sehwag named former cricketers Zaheer Khan and Ajay Jadeja his quarantine partners if given a chance. 



By Sihyeu Singh - 26 Mar, 2020

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