R Ashwin changes his Twitter profile name to spread awareness on Coronavirus epidemic

Ashwin wants people to take the virus seriously until India beats the virus.

R Ashwin | GETTY

Coronavirus' effect in India is getting severe and there is no way people should take it lightly. Citizens have started to keep themselves inside the house to avoid transmission of the disease. The government has stopped Indian Railways service too which shows how serious the situation is.

There are still people who are not following the guidelines and it could put a lot of people in trouble. 

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India spinner R Ashwin knows how important it is to stay inside the home. He took his Twitter account to spread awareness and changed his profile name to 'lets stay indoors India'.

He also posted a chain of tweets which goes like this, "Taking in all information ( both authentic and some seemingly panicky ones) . One thing seems certain " The next 2 weeks are going to be extremely crucial". Every city in India should literally feel deserted for the next 2 weeks, cos if this escalates it will be mayhem."

Ashwin further added, "We need to remember we are a densely populated country and a very large part of them don't have access to information."



By Sihyeu Singh - 24 Mar, 2020

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