Warner's one year ban was a "huge sentence" by Cricket Australia, says Harsha Bhogle

The famous commentator also reflected back at Cameron Bancroft's comments against the ex-vice captain.

Warner has had a really tough time since then | Getty

Harsha Bhogle thinks that Cricket Australia's one-year ban on David Warner in the wake of the infamous ball-tampering scandal was a "huge sentence" against the left-handed opening batsman. 

The popular commentator termed some of Cameron Bancroft's comments and dressing room revelations in a recent interview with Australian broadcaster Fox Sports as slightly unfair amidst widespread criticism that the ex-vice captain is going through. 

"I sense just now, looking from the outside and it’s very easy to say so that someone is trying to put David Warner out to hang. I don’t know what the dynamics within the team are but someone is putting David Warner out to hang," Bhogle was quoted saying to Cricket 360.

"So what is David Warner thinking here, every morning I opened the newspaper, I see videotapes and I’m the bad guy."

"I’ve got a story to tell, I don’t know what that story is but I think that is a huge human resource problem in that Australian side because you do need Warner and Finch to open the batting in the World Cup," he added. 

Bhogle also had a strong view against the leadership group which created an environment that saw even the highly experienced Warner instigate the whole ugly incident back in South Africa, but did nothing. 

The 57-year-old said, "I think the Warner thing is a leadership problem, you always have someone who is different from everybody else in your team. It happens in companies everywhere, this maverick genius, you’ve still got to use him to get results for your company."

"It’s a leadership issue that it went to air now you’ve got to integrate him back in the side is a leadership issue. The players can have whatever, it needs the captain, the coach, the head of Cricket Australia, put them all in a room and say, guys, you have to play together."

"If you want to sort it out now, you sort it out now. You’re playing together because this man needs to come back and win the World Cup for us, then if you have your issues sort them out. If it becomes impossible to have one man in the side, then that’s an executive decision you take but David Warner and sandpaper was a leadership problem and the reintegration has to be a leadership issue," he concluded. 


By Kashish Chadha - 28 Dec, 2018

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