Dwayne Bravo and James Faulkner back T10 League to become worldwide sensation

Faulkner believes the tournament will take time in becoming the fourth format internationally.

Dwayne Bravo is confident T20 League will grow | TSM

Dwayne Bravo and James Faulkner, who are currently representing the Maratha Arabians in the ongoing 2018 edition of the T10 Cricket League, backed the tournament to become a global sensation.

Recently, the tournament organizers revealed that they are planning to stage two events next year with one outside of the league's current base in UAE, while Chairman Shaji Ul Mulk confirmed that the talks regarding the same are underway with three international boards over taking T10 league abroad.

Bravo, Arabians' captain told reporters on Wednesday, “I think it will grow. I think other countries and leagues around the world will buy into it because it's just like T20 cricket. No-one really trusted T20 when it first came about and it's the hottest topic now. T10 has the potential to do the same. I think it's just a matter of time before it reaches different countries around the world.”

While Faulkner agrees with his Captain –Bravo, saying: “It'll be interesting to see where it is in three years. I think it's going to take off, that's my personal opinion on it. Speaking to other players I think it will. It's short, it's exciting for the fans and the players as well. I think you'll see it developing all around the world pretty soon, pretty quickly.”

Meanwhile, the Australian paceman Faulkner also believes that the tournament will take time in becoming the fourth format internationally, but he is hoping to see other T10 in the next couple of years.

He added, “I think that's where it will go [T10 leagues around the world]. Players obviously love the format so far and also the spectators as well. You want something quick like T20 that fans can come and watch. With T10, you can play a couple of double-headers like we have here and really engage the crowds and also four different teams and their fans as well.”

Faulkner signed off by saying, “I wouldn't be surprised [if T10 became an international sport]. I don't think it's going to happen too quickly but I think you'll see other leagues in the next couple of years. I think we're all interested to see where it is in five, ten or fifteen years.”

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By Rashmi Nanda - 29 Nov, 2018

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