Darren Lehmann wants ban on Smith and Warner to be reduced

The ex-head coach expressed wish to see Smith and Warner back playing in the Sheffield Shield and BBL.

Both Warner and Smith were banned by CA for their proven involvement in the ball-tampering saga | Getty

Ex-head coach Darren Lehmann has expressed his wish to see the one-year-ban charged by Cricket Australia(CA) on Steve Smith and David Warner to be reduced with immediate effect and wants the duo to be given their baggy green back, as soon as possible.

In March 2018, Cricket Australia banned Steve Smith, David Warner for one year and Cameron Bancroft for a period of 9 months, after the trio was found out guilty of the offence where they were deliberately trying to alter the condition of the ball during the Cape Town Test against South Africa using a piece of sandpaper.

The incident raised allegations and doubts about the moral and ethical values of the kind of culture that Australian Cricket seems to have developed over the years.

This is when the earlier head coach Darren Lehmann resigned from his position despite his contract not expiring till the completion of Ashes 2019.

"I still think they should be able to play our domestic system – state and BBL – mainly because they are going away to the UAE and other franchise tournaments," Lehmann was quoted saying on Sportsday radio, "We are always saying our Shield needs a real pump up with quality players. We have them there but we are not using them. It’s a really hard one."

"I just think we should let them play Shield and BBL and give back to the game that way as well and help our young batters get better because that’s where we’ve been struggling," he continued, "A Marcus Harris from Victoria watching David Warner go about it in a Shield game can only make him a better player," and signed off with, "That’s where I see it. People make mistakes. They’ve apologised. We need to forgive them and move on."

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By Kashish Chadha - 13 Nov, 2018

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