Shane Warne reveals he supports Chelsea football club as doing so saved his life once

Warne recalled the incident which made him a Chelsea fan.

Shane Warne | GETTY

Shane Warne loves the football club, Chelsea. But like us, Warne isn't supporting the team because they made them fall in love with the game or he got an emotional attachment as soon as he watched them play. It has a bizarre and hilarious story behind it.

The former Australian cricketer was forced to support the Blues as he feared for his life. Talking to BBC, Warne recalled an incident on the London metro that led to his decision.

"I had caught the train from Bristol to London and was on the tube when some guy with a Chelsea scarf and Chelsea stuff all over him came up to me and said 'who do you support?'.

"I looked at him and in his hand, he had a big knife -- a bit like the one Paul Hogan had in Crocodile Dundee when he says 'that's a knife'.

"So I said I'll support Chelsea. And ever since then, I have been too scared to support anyone else."

The Aussie now feels connected with the team and also has a favourite player on the side. Earlier, his favorite was Andriy Shevchenko but after he retired Warne has got a new player to look after.

He said: "Like most Chelsea fans now, I would say Hazard is my favorite. He is an absolute gun and he is the star."


By Sihyeu Singh - 20 Oct, 2018

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