I'd like to help our spinners till the 2019 World Cup, says L Sivaramakrishnan

Siva also touched upon the areas where India's two wrist-spinners, Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal, need to improve.

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Former leg-spinner L Sivaramakrishnan has said that even though the pairing of Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal has been excellent for the Indian limited overs side, they still have areas to improve upon and in line with this ambition he is willing to help the highly talented duo, leading up to the all-important ICC Cricket World Cup in England, next year. 

"Siva", as he is fondly called, was quoted saying to TOI as, "I'd like to help our spinners till the World Cup in the role of spin consultant/ coach, if the BCCI approaches me with an offer," he added, "The middle overs - from 11 to 40 - is the period when we need to pick up the wickets. If our spinners take five wickets in this period for about 150, they'd have done their job." 

"Otherwise, you're looking at a potentially dangerous situation, where the opposition's middle order is set to lunch into a slog in the last 10 overs," 

Speaking specifically on the areas that Kuldeep, as well as Chahal, needs to get better at, Siva analyzed deeply and said, "Kuldeep Yadav's balance while delivering the ball needs to improve. His body isn't synchronized properly, and his arms aren't rotating in a round manner while delivering the ball. Yuzuvendra Chahal tends to drift to the leg and middle, which means the batsmen can look to smash him to mid-wicket, which is likely to be vacant since the two fielders on the on-side are likely to be stationed at deep square leg (for the sweep shot) and long-on."

"If he bowls on or outside off stump, the batsmen will be forced to drive him on the off side, where he can have three fielders - two at point, cover, and long off protecting him. His googly will also become more dangerous then - of the batsman misses it, he's likely to be bowled or LBW," 

Siva, who famously picked 23 wickets in the 1984-85 home series against England and won India the Mumbai Test with his magical spell of 12/181 at the age of just 18, also reckoned, "Both Chahal and Kuldeep have the conventional leg-break and the googly, but they can add a top-spinner to their repertoire. They also need to be careful to not overuse the googly," 

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By Kashish Chadha - 07 Oct, 2018

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