Tim Paine should not allow Justin Langer to run the show, says Ian Chappell 

Chappell wants Paine to be the most important voice in Australia's decision making at this stage.

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Wicketkeeper-batsman Tim Paine should stamp his authority as a Test Captain of the Australian Cricket Team and assert that it is his side and not head coach Justin Langer's, suggests the legendary Australia cricketer Ian Chappell. 

While Chappell stressed that the admirable Paine is the right man to lead the national side at this stage, he also insisted on the need for him to make it clear to Langer and the other member of the team management as well as the players, that his is the most important voice in the decision making of his team. 

“I thought he was the right choice because he’s had previous captaincy experience,  because of the type of person he is and because he’s going to hold his place in the Test side – he’s a good Test match player," said Chappell on Nine.com.au, “He was the right bloke and he’ll do a reasonable job. The only disappointment I’ve got with Tim Paine is he didn’t take charge. He’s allowed Langer to run the show.”

In line with this, Chappell further said, “I think he’s made a blunder in that(allowing Langer to be the boss and run the show) regard. I can see why he did it but I still think it was a mistake.It doesn’t matter how long he was there for as a captain he should set a pattern."

“He should have got up there and said ‘this is the way we’re going to play, these are the things I want done’, and Langer is there as a subsidiary. Langer has taken over the whole shooting match and, in my opinion that doesn’t work, the captain’s got to run the show," he added, “If he wants the team playing a certain way he’s got to set that pattern. He’s got to tell them what he expects and then he’s got to play that way himself, and also in the way he conducts himself as a captain.”

One of the most successful Australian Captains in the past has never liked the concept of coaching at the highest level and says, “The best of coaches make five percent difference, It’s minimal. It’s what the captains do and the players do. When the coach starts taking wickets and making runs, then I’ll believe they’ll have an influence on the game. Outside of that, it’s bugger all.”

It is only through wise shouldering of responsibility that both Paine and Langer can make a difference to Australia, as they embark on a period of uncertainty and anxiety without their key matchwinners - Steve Smith and David Warner - having lost them to the ugly ball tampering incident. 


By Kashish Chadha - 06 Oct, 2018

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