Shane Warne explains his 2006 sex scandal in his book 'No Spin'

Warne's video and picture were leaked by one of his mates.

Shane Warne with the two models in London in 2006

Shane Warne and controversy go hand in hand. Sometimes on the field and most of the times off-field, the former Australian cricketer had a long list of controversial things and biggest of them was the tag of 'womanizer'. 

Warne, in his newly launched book 'No Spin', revealed the unheard side of the sex scandal he had back in 2006. The sexual episode occurred in west London during Warne's Hampshire game against Middlesex where he claimed 7-99.

The pictures were in Sunday's edition of the tabloid News of the World which showed Warne and two 25-year-old models involved in ranchy positions.

In his book, Warne revealed, he received a text message from 25-year-old New Zealand-born model Coralie Eichholtz that said: “You should be here with me.”

“Immediately following on from the text, she sent a picture of her kissing a girlfriend,” Warne wrote in his new book No Spin. “They were in London, I was in Southampton. I texted back, saying I’d be there in an hour.”

The friend was fellow 25-year-old model Emma Kearney. Warne picked up a bottle of vodka and two bottles of champagne and arrived at Kearney’s flat soon after.

“They got up and started dancing with each other, very provocatively, very sexual, kissing each other,” Warne wrote.

“I said, ‘Don’t mind me, just keep going — I’m quite happy just sitting here.’ I sat there having a smoke and a drink as they started to take off their clothes. At the bra and knickers point, they got out a massive inflatable sex toy — kind of drunken, silly stuff.

“There was a lot of laughter, another drink, and one thing led to another. I started kissing them both, clothes off, and then, from nowhere, they pulled a bed out of the wall! Well, we just went for it.”

Warne then received a call from the editor of UK tabloid News of the World who informed him they had images of the threesome.

After telling the editor to “f*** off”, Warne called Eichholtz. “Oh my God,” she said. “You wouldn’t believe it, my friend has sold the story. She got pictures — she had a hidden camera.”

The cricketer was angry with the betrayal. “I’ve always struggled to deal with these tabloid stories,” he wrote. “What sort of person hides a camera and then sells the pictures? I’m not a criminal ... yes, I’m into women, which has cost me massively, time after time. To me, only a pretty sad mind goes undercover to make a few bucks out of a friend and a guy she’s never met before. Either that or Coralie was lying and she set the whole thing up. Then it’s even worse.”

Eiccholtz had also spoken out about the scandal back at that time. She claimed to know Warne for a few years but said things only started heating up after she learned that the cricketer had separated from wife Simone Callahan.

"I've known him for years but nothing happened before because I knew he was married," she said. "But since his split, he's been texting like mad. He even sent me one during a match."


By Sihyeu Singh - 04 Oct, 2018

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