Ex Glamorgan skipper Jim Allenby calls for infrastructural changes in county cricket

Jim Allenby played for Glamorgan from 2009-2014.

Jim Allenby. (Sky Sports)

Raising a concern for the standard of county cricket, ex Glamorgan skipper 
Jim Allenby has called for infrastructural changes in the set up of Glamorgan cricket.  Allenby believes the club need to bring in an outsider to help transform the flagging fortunes.

The 36-year-old also believes the roles of director of cricket and chief executive, currently both held by Hugh Morris, need to be separated.

The current Glamorgan coaching and management make-up contains all former players including Morris, Croft, Matthew Maynard, Steve Watkin and David Harrison. Allenby says there needs to be a change.

"You need to have a mixture of people who have been involved with the club for a long time and are passionate and an outsider able to take some emotion out of decisions," said Allenby.

"I am not sitting here calling for sackings. But someone from outside the current set-up needs to go in and help promote new ideas, challenge and question people.

"Everyone coaching there now are good people but every club needs someone from the outside involved in some sort of leadership role.

"If you look at the successful county teams, they have that mixture of local and imported knowledge."

"Championship cricket is about blooding local younger players while the target was competing in white ball cricket for a trophy.

"It has not gone to plan. I spoke to Hugh and Robert at the end of last season about the possibility of helping out and they outlined those plans pretty clearly to me.

"Playing young players all together is a noble cause and a good strategy to have in the right circumstances.

"But you don't want to teach young players how to get used to losing cricket games. Seasons like the team has had can affect young players in a negative way, long-term.

"It can be hard to learn on the job. It can knock a young players development back rather than accelerate it forward."


By Anshuman Roy - 24 Sep, 2018

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