Imran Tahir reveals the reason behind his extraordinary celebration

Tahir is looking forward to playing the next 50 over World Cup in England.

Imran Tahir doing his trademark celebration after taking a wicket. (Getty)

Imran Tahir is one of those modern bowlers who has an extraordinary way to celebrate everytime he gets a wicket. Previously bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar, Dale Steyn in the past have had trademark celebrations and Tahir seems to carry on the legacy forward. 

In an interview with, Tahir enthused, "I'm not really sure what goes through my mind when I take a wicket, I sort of lose control. I think it's the relief and the passion coming out every time I take a wicket as I have waited all my life to get the chance to play at the highest level of cricket and finally I got there, so I just want to enjoy and savour every wicket. I also feel that every wicket is important and special to me, whether it's club cricket or international cricket and it's probably that passion coming out from within when I pick up a wicket."

Tahir's experience of playing cricket over the years seems paramount from the fact that Since making his first-class debut in Pakistan's domestic circuit during the 1996/97 season, the wily wrist-spinner has represented as many as 37 teams across the globe in all three formats.

Despite reaching a phase in his career wherein most players opt to walk away from the game, Tahir is still going strong at 39.

Come the 2019 World Cup, Tahir seems to be all motivated for the marquee event in England. This will be the spinner's one last hurrah to try and give South Africa something which has seemed always distant from their hands.

The experienced campaigner attributed his unmatched enthusiasm on the field to his undying passion for the game.

Tahir concluded  "The motivation never diminishes however many teams you play for around the world. Nobody is going to make sure you are motivated, you have to do that yourself and it has to come from within. If you don't have that passion and desire to succeed and play cricket, then there is no point in playing the game. I strongly believe that whatever job you do in life, do it sincerely."


By Anshuman Roy - 10 Aug, 2018

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