WATCH: Ben Stokes caught mocking a gay couple in the newly released CCTV footage in court

Stokes can be seen accompanied by his friend Alex Hales in the video.

Ben Stokes and Alex Hales | GETTY

Things are going in a downward spiral for the England all-rounder Ben Stokes after the release of a new CCTV footage in the Bristol Crown Court on Tuesday.

Stokes is seen mocking a gay couple in the video. However, it is tough to figure out what he said as the footage has no audio. He is standing outside the nightclub alongside England team-mate Alex Hales.

As seen in the video, Stokes' gestures and words made Hales laugh. It was revealed in the court that he made fun of the couple.

The 27-year-old and his friend Hales were refused entry in the Mbargo club because they were late and it was time for the club to deny entry. But Stokes can be seen offering money to the doorman Andrew Cunningham. But Cunningham refused to take money even after several attempts from the English cricketer. 

In Cunningham's statement to the court, he said after being denied from entering the club entry and they abused the gay couple. Stokes even flickered the cigarette at the couple and that's when the doorman had to step in.

“I asked him (Stokes), ‘If you are going to start on someone, start on me’,” he said. Hales asked Cunningham what happened and then told his mate, “Stokesy – don’t do that.”

“He got a bit verbally abusive towards myself. He mentioned my gold teeth and he said I looked like a c*** and I replied, ‘Thank you very much’." the bouncer said according to the Stuff website.

“He mentioned my tattoos and how s*** they were.”

Cunningham identified the two gay men as William O’Connor and Kai Barry who stepped out of the nightclub and said: “the ginger guy” started mocking them.

Stokes, however, denied being "aggressive" towards Cunningham, instead accused him of being "rude". The court also heard that Stokes also denied mimicking or behaving in a derogatory manner towards Mr. Barry and Mr. O'Connor, saying that they had engaged in joking with each other.

When arrested Stokes told police he had acted in the way he did because he was confronting someone who was “abusing my two friends for being gay”.

Soon after this incident, Stokes was involved in an altercation with Ryan Ali and Ryan Hale. Prosecutor Nicholas Corsellis has told the jury: “Mr. Stokes's behavior outside the nightclub sets an important tone for what happened that night.

"He was clearly frustrated and annoyed. He took to acting in a provocative and offensive way."

The CCTV footage: 


By Sihyeu Singh - 09 Aug, 2018

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