Zaheer Khan calls for tougher yo-yo test standards for the Indian team

The current passing mark of the yo-yo test for selection is 16.1 for the Indian team.

Zaheer Khan called for tougher yo-yo test qualification | AFP

Ravi Shastri had confirmed that yo-yo test will stay put as the qualification criteria for the selection in the team. This came after much criticism for the controversial rule from all quarters. The test has the backing of both Indian team coach Shastri and captain Virat Kohli.

Now, former pacer Zaheer Khan has called for tougher iterations of yo-yo test to bring it up to global standards.

What I know is that the parameter set by the current Indian team (16.1) is pretty low compared to the world standard. If a player is not even able to achieve that mark, then I believe there is some problem somewhere,” he was quoted as saying by PTI.

Look, for me, any parameter is acceptable as long as it is uniformly applied. If the criteria is same for the top most and the junior most cricketer, I have no issues. Obviously, there is focus on skill but this Indian team wants to be a fit unit. Virat and the team management is trying to ensure that for the benefit of the team,” he concluded.

If the reports are to be believed, BCCI is contemplating increasing the clearing mark from 16.1 to 16.3 to increase the fitness level of the players.


By Jatin Sharma - 29 Jul, 2018

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