MS Dhoni leaves Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar behind to become the second most admired Indian

The list is headed by Indian PM Narendra Modi.

MS Dhoni left behind Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli

Former Indian skipper MS Dhoni has emerged as the second most admired Indian, as per The list is topped by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Dhoni received more votes than fellow cricketers Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar in the list. Virat has been ranked 8th and Sachin secured the sixth rank in the most admired and followed sportsperson list in India.

The 37-year-old India cricketer is loved all across India. He left the captaincy from limited overs in 2016. Dhoni had already handed over the leadership role of Test side to Virat in 2014. India is currently led by Kohli in all formats of the game. 

The list has footballers as well. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi also have a good number of followers in India. While Ronaldo got 2.60 % votes, the latter received a total of 2.00% votes. Former England footballer David Beckham also got 1.60 vote percent.

Recently, HopperHQ, the Instagram post scheduler, released a list of the celebrities who charge the most for an Instagram post and Virat was ranked 17th worldwide. The Indian cricket team captain takes estimated $120,000 per Instagram post to become the leading Indian on the list.


By Sihyeu Singh - 26 Jul, 2018

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