Shahid Afridi wants to make peace between India and Pakistan

The former Pakistan cricketer Afridi had posted a picture with Salman Khan.

Shahid Afridi posing with Indian flag | Twitter

Things aren't so good between India and Pakistan. The politically relationship between the two countries is just getting bitter day by day. Both the countries have also refused to play bilateral series considering the tensed situation among them.

Former Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi thinks the celebrities should take it upon themselves to make the situation better between the two countries.

Talking to media in Toronto, the cricketer said, “We were in agreement that celebrities should play their role towards the betterment of bilateral ties by speaking positively in the media."

Afridi had posted a picture with Bollywood actor Salman Khan on Twitter last week on June 9. He revealed the motive behind tweeting the picture was to send a message across both countries.

“My aim of posting pictures with him (Salman Khan) on social media was the same,” said Afridi, who is playing the local T20 league in Toronto.

Afridi also spoke about helping the expansion of cricket in Canada through the T20 cricket. “The organizers want to stage league matches in various cities of Canada and the USA. I am doing my bit in the game’s promotion and expansion in the region. It’s a great learning curve for local players,” Afridi said. “These activities will ultimately benefit the national team of Canada,” he concluded.

Not a long ago, Afridi was blasted by Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir for speaking on the sensitive Kashmir issue. He was lashed out by Indian cricketers on social media.


By Sihyeu Singh - 16 Jul, 2018

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