Matthew Hayden hails Tamil Nadu as his "Spiritual home"

Matthew Hayden has been appointed as the brand ambassador of TNPL.

Matthew Hayden | Source PTI

Former Australian cricketer, Matthew Hayden has revealed Tamil Nadu as his spiritual home. In an exclusive interview with IBTimes, Hayden has also opened up on his plans for future.

Matthew Hayden who has represented Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League has turned out to be the brand ambassador of Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL). Matthew added that he likes South India. 

"My spiritual home is certainly within Tamil Nadu. I have always had a deep connection with the people (in Tamil Nadu), the way they revere cricket. They are a coastal community as well. My preference is in the south (of India). I like the humidity and the coastal environment. I have a deep connection with the cuisine. India is a very emotional place. It is a place where there is great acceptance of people. There is a kindness of human heart here," Matthew Hayden added after being elected as the brand ambassador of TNPL.

"My wife and daughter are over here for the first time. My daughter is celebrating her 16th birthday. I wanted to share with them that connection to the beautiful people in India. It is amazing to wake up every day and see the smile on their faces and finally they understand dad was talking about this at home," Hayden added.

Matthew Hayden has played 264 International matches hammering 14,000 runs at International level. He has been an elegant player for Australian cricket.

"From a performance point of view, I loved to play in these conditions. Beyond that, yes this was the place where I dreamt and keeping and maintaining my spot in the Australian team. I dreamt bold, big and my career went up. It was largely due to the growth out of this country (India). My common interest is cricket, food, the ocean," Matthew Added on talking about his cricket performance for Australia and love for India.

"I want to explore some of my other passions along with cricket. My commentary gives me a great opportunity to stay involved in the game. Through that, I can express my love of the game. There are a host of other things which I have not done which I like to do. I want to develop food and travel content, media shows."

"I would love to involve my family in that. In and around the broadcast (of cricket), I would love to partner with properties that cover the cricket to bring the human interests to life. I love to tell stories. There are lots of things along with what I usually do within my role as a commentator. I want to talk to people which I enjoy doing," he said. 


By Kunal Kataria - 19 Jun, 2018

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