Yuvraj Singh says, "Engaging in charity gives me a peace of mind"

Yuvraj is doing his bit for the cancer patients by running a foundation called YouWeCan.

Yuvraj recently won the 'Most Inspiring Icon Of The Year' award for his noble social welfare work | AFP

Yuvraj Singh’s life is an inspiration to everyone. Widely deemed as one of the greatest limited-overs cricketers to emerge from India, Yuvraj has accomplished things that can make a great movie.

The southpaw has hit six sixes in an over off Stuart Broad during the inaugural ICC World Twenty20. In the same tournament, he had scored a scintillating 30-ball 70 against Australia in the semi-final to propel India into the final, where they had beaten Pakistan by 5 runs to lift the cup.

Yuvraj was adjudged Man of the Tournament in the triumphant 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup. He had played in the showpiece event while suffering from an illness and vomiting blood. The illness was later diagnosed as cancer on his left lung.

Yuvi then took a break from cricket for his treatment at the Cancer Research Institute in Boston, United States and eventually made a return to competitive cricket in September 2012. Since then Yuvraj is doing his bit for the cancer patients by running a foundation called YouWeCan.

In his recent interview with The Telegraph, Yuvraj said: “I need to keep myself busy when I'm not playing cricket. Besides, I do need to figure out what to do in life once I'm through with cricket... Engaging in charity gives a sense of direction to my life, there's also peace of mind. I get both by devoting time to YouWeCan, the charity and the brand.”

Talking about his journey with YouWeCan, the 36-year-old added: “Very interesting and I've personally learnt a lot. This period has also been one of trying to find ways and means to help raise funds for YouWeCan as the funds help some of those in need... Sadly, stigma is still attached with cancer and many find the cost of treatment prohibitive. That is something which needs to be addressed. What do you tell a person who comes and says he can't afford treatment?”

Recently, Yuvraj won the 'Most Inspiring Icon Of The Year' award for his tremendous and ever-growing noble social welfare work.

“I've always called upon those diagnosed with cancer to see me as an example of somebody who fought the illness. Cancer can be defeated... If I'm seen as an inspiration, then it is very humbling... The award, I think, was to be presented during the IPL, but I wasn't free at that point in time. So, I received the award after the tournament got over,” he remarked.

YouWeCan launched its YWC fashion line in the latter half of 2016 and its sports gear range this year. Speaking about his next project, Yuvraj said: “Up next is the YWC fashion jewellery line... A percentage of the sales proceeds from every YWC merchandise goes towards YouWeCan and funds our initiatives. Introducing merchandise was a conscious decision aimed at creating a revenue generating arm... The YWC fashion line, in particular, is aspirational and rests on my motto of Live, Dare & Inspire. Both the sports gear range and the fashion line are available offline and online. I can confidently say that the YWC patrons will vouch for the quality of our products. I wouldn't be the one to encourage compromising with quality.”

Yuvi concluded by sharing his message for the cancer-battling patients.

“(Emotionally) Prepare yourself to overcome the stiffest hurdle... Believe that you can defeat cancer... Never give up hope and, maybe, look at me as an example of somebody who left cancer behind... One's inner strength will come out... There's life after cancer, just as there will be life after cricket once I'm done with the sport,” he signed-off.


By Salman Anjum - 11 Jun, 2018

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