Embarrassed Rashid Khan apologises to Harsha Bhogle

Harsha and Rashid were involved in an interesting conversation over Twitter.

Harsha Bhogle and Rashid Khan got twitter intrigued recently.

Harsha Bhogle and Rashid Khan were involved in an interesting conversation recently over  Twitter that got everyone intrigued. Rashid Khan, who has been getting praises from all corners of world cricket for his amazing skill set, with which he helped Afghanistan inflict a T20 International series whitewash recently, was also showered with appreciation by the great cricket voice of Harsha Bhogle via a tweet. 

Harsha had tweeted, "Meanwhile @rashidkhan_19 has defended 9 off the last over to give Afghanistan a clean sweep over Bangladesh. Amazing result for Afghanistan and further proof of Rashid's phenomenal development"

To which Rashid Khan replied, "Thank you bro"

Now, what stood out is the use of the word "bro" here, as Harsha is way older than the young Rashid Khan and commands a high level of respect. Harsha didn't  mind this reply from Rashid however,  the fans over Twitter got critical of Rashid for this. 

But, Harsha who is one of the nicest person doing cricket, posted another tweet expressing clearly how he didn't mind being called "bro". 

He tweeted, "Hey @rashidkhan_19, no problem with the "bro" bit. Go for it! Looking forward to catching up in Bengaluru!"

And then, Rashid simply put an end to the issue by apologizing and calling him "SIR" in a tweet which read, "Thank you @bhogleharsha SIR"



By Kashish Chadha - 10 Jun, 2018

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