You are not going to get bowlers like me or Ambrose anymore, says Courtney Walsh

Courtney Walsh is impressed by the fast bowling around the world.

Curtly Ambrose(left) and Courtney Walsh(right) were a feared fast bowling pair. (AFP)

During their prime, Sir Curtley Ambrose and Courtney Walsh ran through sides like a warm knife through butter. That's just how good their bowling combo were for the West Indies.

Recently Courtney Walsh, who is currently in India for Bangladesh's T20 international series against Afghanistan, as the former's fast bowling coach, was quoted saying to the TOI that, "You are not going to get bowlers like me and Curtly anymore because we are long gone, retired, The new generation will create its own stuff, bring its own technique. When I played, I used what Wesley Hall and Andy Roberts taught me. It keeps evolving. If you can get those senior players to pass on their tips and use it with what is happening now, you will only be a better bowler," 

When the big man was asked to talk about whether there is a decline in fast bowling talent in the modern days, from his ones. He said, "All aspects of the game are evolving. So, I don't think fast bowling is on the decline. You just have to combine the old school fast bowling with the new stuff that is happening now to keep improving your game,"

He also believes it is the technology that is allowing bowlers to evolve more by the day, as he said, "We had slower balls, slower yorkers, quicker yorkers back in the day also. Technology is showing it (variations) more now, It is good for the game with those variations coming but still, you got to manage the consistency and strike the right balance between old-school fast bowling and current day innovations. It is always going to be a challenge. I don't like naming bowlers I like but I am impressed with a lot of stuff that is happening with England fast bowlers. It is good for cricket. Fast bowling remains important in all forms of the game. Any exciting fast bowler that comes up, people want to see him play. My only concern is that these young bowlers get to bowl on the right kind of pitches. It will add to the excitement." 

Walsh knows he won't get too many young fast bowlers coming through in Bangladesh to work with, but he wants to protect and nurture few very fine ones like Mustafizur Rahman. 

"His injury is a cause of concern. The second time he has come back from IPL with an injury. We got to make him fitter and stronger. He is young and talented. It (Rahman pulling out) was frustrating because we did not know about the injury, Anyway, going forward it has been made clear that all bowlers communicate their issues to the right channel. At the end of the day, the player has to own the responsibility because you are playing for two different teams," 


By Kashish Chadha - 03 Jun, 2018

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