ECB has told us there is nothing much true to spot-fixing allegations, says Joe Root

International Cricket Council has also issued a statement about the incident.

Joe Root (BBC Sport)

Joe Root, the England Captain, has echoed the sentiment by his coach Trevor Bayliss, that there absolutely nothing true about the recent spot-fixing allegations made by the Al Jazeera in a documentary. They have alleged involvement of the England players in spot-fixing moments of the Test match versus India, in late 2016.

ECB has sent a message across to the players of the current English Team, that is busy playing the ongoing tough Test series against Pakistan, that there nothing to worry about for them.

Joe Root was quoted saying about the whole bizarre incident that, "I've been made aware that there is a documentary going out an all the players have been briefed by the ECB and have been told that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. I've been told to strongly deny those allegations and it sounds quite ridiculous really. As a group of players, we've got to focus on next week and make sure we prepare well and let the guys in charge look after this because I'm sure its nothing,"

"The ECB, they have seen the documentary and it is for the ICC to sort out, they are the people in charge and if there is anything, they will look into it. I've been told there is nothing to worry about and we just got to concentrate on our cricket and make sure we get ready for next week,"

The International Cricket Council too issued a statement about this and said, "The ICC is aware of an investigation into corruption in cricket by a news organisation and as you would expect, we will take the contents of the programme and any allegations it may make very seriously, We have already launched an investigation working with anti-corruption colleagues from Member countries based on the limited information we have received"

"We have made repeated requests that all evidence and supporting materials relating to corruption in cricket is released immediately to enable us to undertake a full and comprehensive investigation."


By Kashish Chadha - 28 May, 2018

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