VVS Laxman not surprised with AB de Villiers’ shocking retirement decision

VVS Laxman hoping to see AB de Villiers in the next IPL season.

VVS Laxman called AB de Villiers the most complete batsman in the modern era | Getty Images

One of the greatest batsman in the history of Indian Cricket, VVS Laxman is not surprised with the shocking decision of South African batsman AB de Villiers to call time on international cricket, as the back injury that he suffered last season could be one of the reasons which propelled the star Protean cricketer to take this decision. 

Laxman further said that de Villiers, whom he recently termed as the most complete batsman in the modern era, lived up to the expectations throughout his cricketing career is one of the amazing things of him. He also called De Villiers an extraordinarily skillful cricketer who is known for his wonderful stroke play and innovative shots, saying the people have to respect his decision.

Laxman told ‘Sportstar’ on Wednesday (23 May), “Yet, honestly, I was not surprised by his decision, given the back injury he suffered last season. Maybe, at some stage, he might have given a serious thought to the workload and demands of international cricket. Furthermore, we have to respect his decision as ultimately as a cricketer; he should know what is the best decision to take in this regard.”

Current Sunrisers Hyderabad mentor further said of AB, “I tell it was a privilege to watch him play. He seemed to have the option of three strokes for each ball. He was an extraordinarily skillful cricketer who changed the course of the match single-handedly in all the three formats of the game. I have seen the best of the bowlers suffer for he could even hit good length balls to the fence, effortlessly, with a huge range of strokes and many didn’t know where to bowl to him.”

He is also hoping to see the South African star in the next edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) to entertain his fans with his wonderful cricketing skills.

Laxman signed off by saying, “The best part is that he lived up to the expectations. I remember rave reviews when de Villiers arrived on international cricket. It is amazing that he sustained his level of excellence for so long at the highest level because he was mentally very strong. I hope he will continue to play for his franchise in the IPL and delight the fans with his cricketing skills.”

By Rashmi Nanda - 24 May, 2018

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