History will be made as Virat Kohli’s Surrey debut to be shown live by Yorkshire

Virat Kohli to make his county debut for Surrey next month, to prepare for England tour in July.

Virat Kohli's county debut will be shown live online

England’s Yorkshire county will be the first county to produce their own live broadcast of championship cricket, when they show their match against Surrey at Scarborough, featuring the county debut of Indian captain Virat Kohli.

Counties believe under the terms of the new broadcasting deal they will be able to run coverage online of matches in their own Twenty20 competition to help compete with the ECB new tournament in two years’ time.

Yorkshire will hire cameramen to show the cricket action live over the internet of their championship match against Surrey, from June 25. They also hope that presence of Virat Kohli, one of the modern greats, will help them garner high viewership numbers online in India.

 Many counties already show love broadcast on their websites, but use two mounted cameras on either end of the pitch. Initially, the footage was used by analysts but has been used on county websites and by the England & Wales Cricket Board’s own site to show clips of wickets, fours, and sixes.

We have been looking at doing this for quite a while,” said Steve Denison, the Yorkshire chairman. “We would like to provide slightly more comprehensive coverage and that would involve having more than the two fixed cameras and would need cameramen to follow the ball.

"The ideal opportunity is to do it at Scarborough. There will be massive interest in that game even if Kohli was not playing. It is a great game to do it at because it always has big crowds. It is a great and important way for the club to take county cricket to a new audience.”

Surrey reported more than 4,000 viewers per day of online video coverage of their championship match against Worcestershire last week.

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By Jatin Sharma - 13 May, 2018

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