James Anderson and Stuart Broad recall their verbal fight from 2013 Trent Bridge Test

James Anderson and Stuart Broad have played 104 Tests together across the past decade.

James Anderson and Stuart Broad | Getty

While Australians remember the 2013 Trent Bridge Test for Ashton Agar's heroics and a heart-wrenching defeat, the English fans memorize it for James Anderson’s spectacular show that paved the way for a nail-biting 14-run victory.

Anderson was the hero, taking the final four wickets to complete his only 10-wicket haul against the old enemy. However, very few of you know that if it was not for Jimmy’s bowling partner Stuart Broad, England might have lost that contest.

In an exclusive interview with UK Mirror, Anderson revealed it was Broad’s verbal fight with him that led to his fiery spell in Nottingham Test.

"I'd been all over the place, shouting at fielders. 'Broady' came up to me and said, 'Get your head out of your arse, mate. Stop being an absolute tool' — or words to that effect,” Anderson recalled.

"He went so hard at me, I told him where to go and went back at him. But at the same time I took it on board and I thought, 'Hang on, if 'Broady' has come up to me like that, I must be out of order, I need to refocus'," he added.

In the same interview, Broad said such heated exchanges between the two aren’t entirely uncommon.

"We've had our dust-ups. Because we can both be a bit hot-headed and if one of us has had a blow-up then quite often the captain will come up to the other one and say 'Have a word',” Broad said.

"At Trent Bridge, it was mid-spell. He was sweating and it took me an over to think, 'Should I really do this?' But that performance was just incredible," he elaborated.

After losing the 9 wickets for 231 runs, Brad Haddin along with James Pattinson took the score to 296/9 and in the process threatened to pull off a remarkable heist before Anderson induced the faintest of inside edges to get rid of Haddin.

England secured the Trent Bridge Test and eventually went on to retain the urn 3-0.


By Salman Anjum - 11 May, 2018

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