Match referees to help selectors in the Indian domestic cricket

The BCCI is looking to revive the Talent Resource Development Office (TRDO).

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The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to use the services of match referees to watch the talents that play in the Indian domestic cricket and help the selectors with the assessment of the players. 

There has always been five members in the All India senior selection committee to select the players for the Indian Team, the number that is always said to be not good enough in a country like India where every year the BCCI organizes more than 1000 domestic games across various levels. In the senior men's game specifically, there are 6-7 tournaments played across all formats by 28 teams currently. 

A top BCCI official was quoted saying to TOI that “At the moment, it has been decided that match referees will be mandated to provide feedback on player performance to help the national selectors,”  

“Even the current general manager (cricket operations) Saba Karim, who was a selector in the last selection committee, felt that it is extremely difficult for even five selectors to effectively cover all domestic matches,” 

According to this BCCI official, the board is also likely to advance its Online Database Monitoring System (ODMS). The ODMS keeps account of the workload and fitness status of domestic players. For this, the board is looking at the revival of Talent Resource Development Office (TRDO). 

The official was quoted saying, “Reviving TRDO is still an idea. Nothing is concrete at the moment. The benefits of the wing is well documented as MS Dhoni himself came through this programme,” 


By Kashish Chadha - 30 Apr, 2018

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