India have to play Pakistan, if PCB wins the case, says PCB chief Sethi

PCB has filed the compensation claim of around USD 70 million against the BCCI.

ICC had a 5-day meeting with Board members in Kolkata | PTI

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Najam Sethi has revealed to media on Sunday (29 April), that the Board has signed the Future Tours Programme for 2019-2023 documents conditionally at the ICC Executive Board and other committees meeting in Kolkata.

And the condition is that the PCB is ready to accept any decision of the International Cricket Council’s Dispute Resolution Committee over India-Pakistan cricketing ties, but if the decision will be in their favor, then the ICC has to add Indo-Pak bilateral series in the latest FTP.

As per reports in PTI, Sethi said, “We have made it clear that if the ICC’s Disputes Resolution Committee rules in our favor in October, then India must play against us in the new FTP programme. Even if the result is otherwise we still have got confirmed around 123 matches in the new FTP so we have done well.”

Sports’ governing body has already given its final outline to the FTP at the meeting in Kolkata, and according to the current schedule, there are not any Pakistan and India bilateral matches.

Meanwhile, the PCB has also filed a compensation case with the ICC, concerning the BCCI has not honored a MoU signed with them in 2014, while the ICC has said its Disputes Resolution Committee will announce its verdict on the compensation claim of around USD 70 million by Pakistan in October.

On the other hand, PCB chief Sethi is confident that Pakistan will win the compensation case against the Indian Cricket Board, as PCB’s legal team has prepared a strong case against the BCCI.

Sethi signed off by saying, “Our stance remains that the MoU signed between the two Boards in 2014 during the ICC meetings confirmed that both boards would play six bilateral series between 2015 and 2023.”


By Rashmi Nanda - 30 Apr, 2018

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