Virat Kohli reveals the secret behind his ability to score hundreds

Kohli is the only batsman to hit four double hundreds in four successive series.

Virat Kohli during one of his centuries in South Africa recently | Getty

56 hundreds in international cricket at the age of 29 is a stat every batsman would love to see in his profile, but currently, it is Virat Kohli who owns this record. In 208 ODIs, Kohli has smashed 35 hundreds and is destined to break Sachin Tendulkar's record of 49 hundreds in the format.

And then there are those 21 hundreds from 66 Tests - Kohli is well and truly a run-machine.

On being asked about the centuries, Kohli shrugs his shoulders and says "It is not that difficult at all."

It's not that difficult. Two years ago, I wanted to ensure that I was happy with myself. I did not want any regrets with the way I think and operate. My intent in doing everything should be right and positive," Kohli told India Today in an exclusive interview. "I don't want to show anyone the wrong path. From there, when you start building these things up, the only thing that matters to you is how you can help the team win.

Virat further explained, "Then you do not even realise whether you are batting on 100, 150 or 70 because my only aim to is to play the full 50 overs and if we are chasing, I aim to win the game for my team. If we are batting first, I have to make sure that our team reaches a competitive or a match winning total... Now whether that thing comes naturally or not, I can't decode that... My thinking always remains that we have to win the match, no matter what."

No other captain in Test history has more than Virat Kohli's six double hundreds helming a team

Kohli has broken several records already - he is the only batsman with four double hundreds in four successive Test series. No captain in cricket history has scored more than his six double hundreds.

"Records do not matter to me. Because I know when I made it to the Indian team, how limited my ability was... And according to that, if I look at the past 10 years and compare it with today and complain about it, there won't be a more negative person in the world (laughs)" Kohli told India Today.

He continues, "When I came to the Indian team, I had noting but I had the opportunity to learn... But today, God has put me in this place because my intention is good... My intention is to make the team win and my intention is not to go ahead of someone else or outdo someone else... My intention is to take everyone together and drive towards excellence and in that process you are bound to perform because every match for me is as good as my first game."


By Jatin Sharma - 08 Apr, 2018

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