Bowler bowls delibrate wide deliveries to deprieve opponent batsman of a deserving century

The batsman was left on 99* as his team won the match due to the two wide deliveries.

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Bowlers try different tricks to avoid a batsman's milestone. They unveil their variations to get them out or make them wait to play a rash short and give away the wicket.

But in a Regional Super50 tournament at North Sound in West Indies, a bowler of Leeward Islands showed unsportsman like behavior while trying to avoid a much deserved 100 ot the opposition batsman.

Ending the hopes of the opponent batsmen's ton, the bowler delivered two consectuive wide deliveries to end the match and left the batsman high and dry on 99*.

In the 45th over, the batting team were 180/1 and needed just four to win. Sheeno Berridge, came onto bowl the 46th over with Zak Crawley on strike. The bowler bowled the first two deliveries outside the off stump and the umpire adjudged them as wides. Crawley then took a single and reached on 99* and his batting partner came on strike.

The man on strike, Dickson, pushed one ball towards leg stump and Crawley called for a single without caring about his century. That made sure his team won the match by nine-wickets.

We have seen a similar incident in past. During the India vs Sri Lanka ODI match in 2010, Sri Lankan off-spinner Suraj Randiv overstepped deliberately to end the match, leaving Virender Sehwag stranded on 99*, despite hitting the delivery for a six.

Later, Sri Lanka cricket board and the bowler, both apologized to Sehwag for Randiv's unsportsmen like behavior.

Sehwag had criticized Randiv's no ball in the post-match press conference, and SLC secretary Nishantha Ranatunga called India manager Ranjib Biswal to apologize.



By Sihyeu Singh - 10 Feb, 2018

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