Imprints of corruption in Ajman All Stars meet, says ICC

The controversial tournament was held in Dubai.

 The event was not approved by ICC. (Reuters)

The controversial Ajman All-Stars meet has imprints of corruption according to ICC. IN PTI's latest reports, world cricket's governing body has come out criticising the event and has termed it as corrupt. 

ICC also clarified that since the tournament is not under its purview, it cannot take any action against it. 

ICC’s GM (Anti-Corruption Unit) Alex Marshall on his part stated: “The event was not approved or in any way sanctioned by the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) and therefore neither the ECB nor the ICC has authority to take action under cricket’s anti-corruption rules against anybody who may have engaged in any corrupt practice."

“However, after speaking to a number of those involved we consider there to be strong evidence to indicate this was a corrupt event and damaging to the wider reputation of cricket and as such will continue the investigation,” he added.

“Our ongoing enquiries will now focus on identifying the organizers of the tournament to prevent similar incidents occurring elsewhere and to disrupt corrupt practices wherever we can,” he said.

In his closing statement regarding the issue, Alex Marshal said that ICC is trying its best efforts to track down the issue 


By Anshuman Roy - 01 Feb, 2018

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