Kiran More, Deep Dasgupta calls for wicket-keeping coaches for national team

India needs wicket-keeping coaches, opines former Keepers.

Kiran More | AFP

Former Indian wicketkeepers –Kiran More and Deep Dasgupta, on Sunday, opined that the current glovemen of the country need wicket-keeping coaches who can travel with the team to give them proper guidance and get them ready before the game.

Speaking to the Times of India, Kiran More said, “There’s no one to help wicketkeepers in India. That’s not enough. You ought to have people assigned to monitor their growth in domestic games. Video footage is available but no one to monitor and help these boys.”

More went to further add on the same, “We even need wicket-keeping coaches who can travel with the team and get the glove men ready before the first game on an away tour.”

Meanwhile, Deep Dasgupta –former Indian wicketkeeper and Cricket Pundit, agreed with More’s opinion, saying modern days keepers’ needs a coach to guide them.

He further said, “The mindset has to change. You can’t encourage the idea of ‘we are fine till you keep scoring runs’. You need scouts for ‘keepers.”

Dasgupta signed off by saying, “At the moment one comes to know about a wicketkeeper only through the media. Only those who score runs come up as wicket keeping prospects. People were even talking about KL Rahul keeping wickets for India.”

By Rashmi Nanda - 22 Jan, 2018

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