Veda Krishnamurthy talks about her time and her learnings in WBBL

Veda Krishnamurthy plays for Hobart Hurricanes in the Rebel's WBBL.

Veda Krishnamurthy takes a blinder

Veda Krishnamurthy is thoroughly enjoying her time with the Hobart Hurricanes in the Women’s Big Bash League in Australia. She was already a part of the team and bestowed with a nickname too.

"They kept saying Vay-da and I was like 'It's Ve-dha'. So eventually it just turned into a nickname 'Darth' or 'Darthy, from the Star Wars character Darth Vedar. You tend to get a nickname when you play in Australia. So that's what has stuck now - it's all good fun." she tells Cricbuzz with a smile.

"I thought it would take me a lot longer to learn the names and put a name to the face. But my captain [Corrine Hall] was terrific, she is always talking, laughing and communicating and that suits my personality, so I was able to settle in. To be able to come out of the comfort zone and to play out here in Australia, different culture and you need to adapt to it [on and off the field]- that is a real challenge for you as a player,” she said.

Talking about playing with a new team, she said, "There have been a lot of situations where I have been in different situations and be in the future and I'm sure those situations will be similar to when I play for India. If I have that exposure in these sorts of tournaments, it is only going to help me handle the situation better.

"I'm sure I can come up with a different plan if one part doesn't work out, probably I can come up with something else. It is really important I play as many games as possible," she said.

Stung by the loss in World Cup finals, Veda is keen to master the role as a finisher.

Veda Krishnamurthy during the ICC Women's World Cup 2017 | Reuters

She says, "When you play as a finisher it is important you pick your bowler. It happens in such a way, the best bowlers would be bowling at the end. You will have one or two over's in between where you have to cash in, you have to be really good at analysing who that bowler is because in T20 cricket it comes so fast, you don't get much time. You also have to take the bowler into the consideration if the bowler is going to bowl to your strengths. It is important to identify that."

Talking about the plans for the Women’s IPL, Veda said,"We [Indian team] have been doing really well in the recent times. We have performance to back us - it will take time and you need to build that culture. "It is also important to think how to make it women's cricket successful. You cannot just implement something and then see how it runs, you need a clear picture. You need to plan properly and I think BCCI is just holding back because if or when they start something it needs to be something real big.You don't want it to be just hit and miss, because if it fails then you might end up going backwards.

"Women game audience is increasing day by day. It is important they cash in on it. They are looking into it and they want to they want to ensure everything falls into place properly," she continued.

She said that her teammate Hayley Matthews has been kind enough to do the cooking for her, while she is in Australia.

"No, I can't cook - Hayley Matthews has been cooking for me and looking after me like a little sister" she says with a smile. "Although, I have promised everyone that I will get some recipes from my friends and cook for them. But I really can't cook and I don't cook back home either, so let's see how I go or what I do," Veda said.

Veda explained, "The options for healthy food is a lot more accessible here than in India. Every supermarket in Australia has all the healthy foods while in India we would probably have one or two stores in the city where you have to literally travel a lot to find healthy food."

Hurricanes coach Julia Price believes, more importantly 'Darthy or Darth' or 'Vay-da' has certainly added a different style and brought a new dimension to the team. "Tasmania is quite isolated from different cultures so I thought having an Indian around in the team would be really good and to be honest Veda has done that really well." Price says.

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By Jatin Sharma - 13 Jan, 2018

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