Sourav Ganguly shares a tale when he was foxed by his daughter Sana

Recently, Sourav Ganguly featured in a photo shoot with Sana for a premium jewelry brand.

Sourav Ganguly with his daughter Sana | Twitter

Legendary Indian batsman –Sourav Ganguly, who led his country to many memorable victories throughout his illustrious cricketing career, as well as, he stunned many bowling greats with his splendid batting, but now he usually went stumped by his 16-year-old daughter, Sana.

Recently, Dada shared a tale about his daughter when she asked him for a meeting in school and that incident realized him that children are much smarter than we think about them.

According to a report in Economic Times, Ganguly said, “Sana woke up one day, some years ago, and said, 'Dad, I have a meeting in school which is very important.' I agreed to go, despite having played a game the night before."

He further added with a laugh, “I sat through the entire 'open house' only to realize that there was nothing important about it. I asked my daughter, 'Why did you ask me to come?' and she responded — 'I did not do well this term. If you go, maybe the principal won't scold me'. Children are very smart.”

Not just that, Sana stumped her dad yet again when she convinced him to go with her to meet her Bengali teacher, coaxing him by saying that the teacher was a cricket fan, actually, the matter was that she has the lowest marks in that particular subject!

Ganguly signed off by saying, “I asked my wife and she told me - Sana has the lowest marks in Bengali.”

By Rashmi Nanda - 11 Jan, 2018

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