Cricket Australia plays down usage of DRS in BBL

Decision Review System may not be included in BBL.

Chris Lynn getting out on Rashid Khan's delivery | Source Getty

The introduction of Decision Review System in the Big Bash League is questionable as far as Australia cricket is concerned. According to ACB, it delays the progress of play which is why they are not willing to go with it in the T20 extravaganza. 

"The number one priority with the BBL and WBBL is to present a compact format that entertains from start to finish," a Cricket Australia spokesperson said. "There would need to be a compelling reason to implement anything that counters that objective and at this stage, we feel that DRS would open up the potential for delay, with the review process as it stands."

The discussion of DRS popped up when Chris Lynn's dismissal off Rashid Khan's encounter in Big Bash League on 31st December 2017. The explosive batsman was given caught behind the behind but the former Australia player Mark Waugh was not sure about the dismissal, hinting that the bat might have touched the ground. 

"If you can do it quickly, yes. Give them 30 seconds, maybe. One look at a Hot Spot would clarify that pretty quickly, wouldn't it? It's not to be. Chris Lynn had to cop it. He did accept it," Mark Waugh said.

As per the revised playing conditions of the ICC Decision Review System that came into force last year, it is already being used in T20 Internationals. With the technology in place during the knockout stage of the Pakistan Super League, DRS has also formally experimented in the league cricket as well

By Kunal Kataria - 02 Jan, 2018

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