Sachin Tendulkar’s speech in Rajya Sabha disrupted by opposition MPs

Sachin Tendulkar was supposed to speak on 'Right to play and the future of sports in India'.

Sachin Tendulkar waits for his turn  to speak as MPs disrupt the parliament

MP and Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar has often been criticized for his poor attendance in the parliament and for not raising any questions despite been in the last year of his 6 year term.

However, recently, he was present in the parliament and as he started to speak, the house was brought into disruption by the opposition party MPs, as they wanted the ruling party to answer questions about the 2G scam verdict.

The disruption meant that the parliament was adjourned until 11 am on Friday, 22 December. Actor and fellow MP Jaya Bachchan said “He (Sachin Tendulkar) has earned a name for India at the world stage, it is a matter of shame that he was not allowed to speak even when everyone knew it was on today’s agenda. Are only politicians allowed to speak?

'Right to play and the future of sports in India' was the topic on which Tendulkar was supposed to speak as he had reportedly submitted a notice to lead a Short Duration Discussion on the issue.

Tendulkar was supposed to give a speech on the dismal conditions of sports education and facilities in India and has the support from Bharatiya Janata Party MP Ranvijay Singh Judev and the Congress’ PL Punia on the issue.

Here is the video of Sachin Tendulkar's speech been disrupted by opposition MPs in parliament


By Jatin Sharma - 21 Dec, 2017

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