Ashes 2017: Root – Bayliss stands by umpires' call on Perth pitch

Consistent rain saw day 5 lose 28 overs.

Bayliss is upset with England defeat. (Getty)

England skipper and coach Joe Root and Trevor Bayliss said that the umpires were right on their part to let the game continue after it showed some uneven signs on the final day of the Perth Test. Play was delayed on day five of the third Test by three hours due to a wet pitch after rain seeped through the covers and onto the pitch after storms lashed Perth overnight. Intermittent rain also fell as the first session was wiped out and 28 overs were lost.

There were fears that the match would be abandoned in a highly embarrassing finale to the Test match. However, umpires deemed the wet patch had dried sufficiently and play resumed at 1 pm local time.

"I think the pitch didn't really misbehave or become dangerous, credit has to go to the umpires for making the right decision," Root told reporters on Monday.

"It's a very difficult one, they (umpires) have a lot of pressure to get the game going but at the same time the safety of the players is paramount. They got it right” added Root.

Bayliss also backed the decision of the on-field umpires to let the game continue which eventually was won by Australia. "I thought the umpires did a good job, it was certainly not fit enough to play on this morning," he said. "There were soft patches on the wicket but I think the umpires got it just about right and as we saw I don't think it played off those patches at all” said Bayliss.

Australian skipper also seemed to have the same thoughts on the pitch as his counterpart. "It was a shame that some water was able to get through the covers in the first place at an international venue," he said. "I feel the umpires made the right call at the time to get us back on and play the game. It dried out and it was hard and they deemed it fit to play. I supported their decision."

 "I think in their efforts to try to get going they've been slightly slow in getting the hessian back on and things like that”, Christina Matthews, WACA President said to ABC Radio.


By Anshuman Roy - 19 Dec, 2017

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