Vijay Kumar aka “Dhoni” arrested by Delhi police on murder charges

Vijay played district level cricket till 2011.

Vijay committed  the murder in July this year, said Delhi Police. (AFP)

A district-level cricketer from Delhi named Vijay Kumar fondly known as “Dhoni” was arrested by the district police after charges of murder.  He was given the nickname after he copied the hairstyle MS Dhoni the former Indian captain had in when he started his career.

Vijay was arrested in Dwarka on Sunday for allegedly committing a murder in Delhi Cantonment area in 2016. His elder brother, Vishal, has also been held, DCP Dwarka Shibesh Singh said.

“Vijay played cricket regularly till 2011. He became famous as ‘Dhoni’ due to his long hairstyle. But he was not financially well-off. Cricket is expensive. Despite his efforts, Vijay could not enter the Delhi state team. He got frustrated. Then, he eventually built his body and joined his elder brother, who was already an active member of Gaurav Jhareda gang,” said Singh.

“Vishal came in contact with area gangster Gaurav Jhareda, who needed such strong-built boys. He soon started handling most of the criminal activities of the gang. He roped in his brother, Vijay alias Dhoni, who was unemployed and also had similar strong built,” said Singh.


By Anshuman Roy - 14 Dec, 2017

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