Here's why Sourav Ganguly feels Virat Kohli will roam around 'Oxford Street' with his shirt off

Kohli recorded his sixth double ton in Test cricket in the ongoing match against Sri Lanka at Kotla.

Virat Kohli is considered as one of the fittest cricketers in the world | Getty

Without an iota of doubt, India captain Virat Kohli ranks among the finest cricketers of the modern generation, if not the very best. The Delhi lad is adored and admired by masses all across the globe and it can be observed from his presence in a particular country or in a tournament. So much so that former skipper Sourav Ganguly reckons that he is the biggest role model for all the budding cricketers now.

Speaking at Agenda Aaj Tak, Ganguly lauded the 29-year-old for setting the new standards on the cricket field and also opined that Virat gives him the feeling of beating the best on its own.  

"When we used to go to Australia, there was a gut feeling Laxman and Harbhajan will defeat Australia on their own. Kohli gives me the same feeling,” the ‘Prince of Kolkata’ said at Agenda Aaj Tak.

"When we played, Indian cricket was different and the thinking was different and we had to take Indian cricket forward, when Dhoni came, he took it forward. Now during Virat's time, he had an established team and he had to take it even further.”

"The best thing about Indian cricket is that we have had different role-models in different eras. It has been a step by step growth and we have created champions in different generations. Kohli is the role model now," he added.

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Dada also went on to say that if the ‘Men in Blue’ will manage to secure their third World Cup title in 2019 in England, then Kohli would roam around Oxford Street with his shirt off.

"If Virat wins the World Cup in 2019, he will roam around Oxford Street with his shirt off. Mark my words," Ganguly amusingly said.

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On being asked about the constant comparisons between Virat and Sachin, Ganguly asserted that the current skipper can come close to Master Blaster’s records but only time will tell if he can break those momentous feats.

"Don't know if Virat can break Sachin's records...I don't compare two generations. But he has scored 52 and if he plays at this rate...he can reach Sachin's record," Dada concluded.


By Salman Anjum - 04 Dec, 2017

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