IPL 2018: Smriti Mandhana declares she will punish Harmanpreet Kaur after her brilliant catch

The Women's T20 Challenge game was a historic occasion in Indian cricket.

Harmanpreet Kaur(left) and Smriti Mandhana(right) (IANS)

It has to be said, one of the most memorable moments from the recently concluded game between the IPL Supernovas and IPL Trailblazers for the historic Women's T20 Challenge was the amazing catch that Harmanpreet Kaur took from the bat of Smriti Mandhana.

The match went down to the wire with Trailblazers losing the game in the closing stages by 3 wickets. Batting first the Trailblazers put up 129/6 on the board, which was eventually chased down by Supernovas in the final over but that catch was special.

Interestingly it made the two involved cricketers laugh. Smriti Mandhana was quoted saying, very jokingly, after the match, "I told Harman that I am not playing PlayStation with you for 7 days because you took the catch,"

To this Harmanpreet Kaur replied, "I think she's already a little angry with me for taking that catch (laughs), but she's a really good batsman and I'm glad I managed to grab that catch."

Earlier Smriti Mandhana talked about the importance of the Women's T20 Challenge game, envisioning the future where the women's version of the Indian Premier League is. She said, "It is very exciting for all of us to be playing this exhibition match and thankful to BCCI for organizing such a unique match and it is a stepping show to the IPL. And hopefully, we will put up a good show and audience and BCCI people will think of having an IPL,"

She further added, "Everyone wants to put up a good show and bring women's cricket to the world. This is the first-ever match we will be playing with foreign players on Indian soil. Everyone is excited to part of this historical moment. We all are looking forward to putting up a good show so that we can express ourselves in front of audience and BCCI that IPL will be good to watch also."







By Kashish Chadha - 23 May, 2018

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