IPL 2018: Five players unlikely to feature for Royal Challengers Bangalore next year

Time has come for RCB to bulid their side around the right people.

RCB needs to build itself around the right people. (IANS)

It must be really disappointing for every fan of theirs, the Royal Challengers Bangalore has gone through another season of despair and realization of how the harsh realities our game comes back to haunt you. 

The Virat Kohli led side has over the years been dependant on one facet of their game to excel and the other to find a way to support it. You don't win tournaments like that. The history of the Indian Premier League suggests that teams finishing with best economy rate has won the whole thing for about 7 times and the team finishing solely with the best run-rate has never gone on to clinch it. RCB would know this better than anyone else, they have been the team with the best run-rate for five of the eleven seasons gone by but has never won the trophy. 

And so, tough decisions have to be taken right now, as part of the preparation for a tournament that is only 12 months away. "Only", if you are desperate for it. RCB should be desperate for it. Time has come for the wheat to be separated from the chaff. Time has come for the cricketing decisions to be not compromised in front of the financial ones. 

Time has come to drop the players that are surplus to the team's cause and build the team around the right people. 

Hence, the team COC gets down to analyze and put across the list of five players that are unlikely to feature for RCB next year. 

By Kashish Chadha - 21 May, 2018

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