IPL 2018: Five Best Finishers of the ongoing Indian Premier League season

IPL has seen some brilliant limited overs finishing of a cricket match, this season.

MS Dhoni pic credit AFP

One of the thrills of watching a limited overs game over the years has been watching some of the greatest finishers of our game get their magic together and win the game for their side. 

It is absolutely important to start off well, but it is necessary to finish strongly. Gautam Gambhir, one of India's best, was once quoted saying, "It is not about how you start, it's about how you finish"

Finishing the innings is also an art, it can be instinctive of a player to play the matchwinning stroke and knock, but the best finishers of our game has been very calculative in their approach and have found immense success because of it. 

The Indian Premier League too, over the years, has been a platform for some of the best finishers to exhibit their class and win games for their teams. Batting in the middle to lower order and be adaptable & flexible to try and succeed & doing this consistently, is a very tough job. Very few have achieved consistency at this, those who have done so are rare. 

Hence, team COC gets own to analyze and list out some of these players who have been to play the role of a finisher for their sides in this IPL season successfully. 

By Kashish Chadha - 07 May, 2018

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