IPL 2018: Three players DD can draft during Mid - Season Transfer

Mid-season transfer is an opportunity for struggling teams, like Delhi Daredevils.

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It was commendable when it got announced, the IPL governing councils decision to allow the franchises the option to do a mid-season transfer of players is a really good one. The rule stated, from Match 28 and Match 42, during this period, the teams can exchange uncapped players as well as those who have played no more than two matches in the tournament until then.

The two concerned teams are allowed to negotiate and buy the players they want. The idea is inspired by football, a sport where this has been prevalent over the years. The IPL franchises won't mind the condition that only those foreign players who have played two or fewer matches in the season are eligible for the transfer. 

Rohit Sharma, captain of the Mumbai Indians, supported the new rule at the start of the season, as well. He had said, “The mid-season transfer window will give the teams an opportunity to see what they need in the squad and other teams will also be looking at what players they can get,” Rohit had said.

“It completely depends on the franchise if a situation comes when we need to get a player or give a player. It is good for the tournament and will add even more value to it,” 

There is one franchise right now who must be feeling its a blessing. Delhi Daredevils has been typically poor in this season too, so far. They are languishing at the bottom of the table right now, having played six games they've won only one. They have lost their captain, and things look like doomed again. They quickly need to resurrect their act and start winning. For that, they'll need to dig deep into their player reserve or look at the mid-season transfer with hope. 

Team COC gets down to analyze the three players that can be great options for Delhi to better their side. Three players, they can get in the mid-season transfer from the other sides. 

By Kashish Chadha - 27 Apr, 2018

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