IPL 2018: IPL changed the level of Cricket, says Sir Viv Richards

IPL 2018 has put the versatility of the game on display, believes Sir Viv Richards.

Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings seem to be looking very strong, says Richards | IANS

West Indian legend Sir Viv Richards is one of the biggest fans of the Indian Premier League (IPL), as he is often seen praising the T20 tournament, not because of its craze across the globe, but its majesty of shaping the cricketers of the modern era and developing youngsters.

One of the most charismatic batsmen across the world went on to further to give credit to the lucrative Indian T20 league for changing the face of the gentlemen’s game, as well as, believes that the IPL plays a key role in players’ adaptation ability as they are innovating and reshaping their game while playing here.

In his column for Times of India, Richards wrote, “Cricket is quickly evolving, and the IPL is one of the foremost agents responsible for doing so for the last 10 years. Young cricketers and old alike are innovating and reshaping their game, inventing new shots, and coming up with new mystery deliveries.”

It further reads, “The face of the game is beginning to change, and cricketers today are looking to keep adapting to stay with it. It pleases me to see that the overall level of cricket as a game is increasing due to these kinds of tournaments that put the young and old, the amateur and the experienced together. IPL has always put a lot of emphasis on developing youngsters. These fresh faces will gain experience.”

Commenting on the ongoing IPL 2018, he wrote, “From the looks of things, Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings seem to be looking very strong. However, it seems both teams will have to work a little more on the overall team contribution. They have won games due to superb individual performances rather than wholesome team efforts.”

Richards signed off, “Cricketers like them possess a certain amount of experience and adaptability. The IPL this year has put the versatility of the game on display for all. This is the credit to the batsmen as well as the bowlers.”


By Rashmi Nanda - 25 Apr, 2018

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