BCCI mulling retention of 4 players plus one RTM card for IPL 2025 mega auction- Report

The IPL 2025 will see a mega auction.

IPL auctionThe Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is still working on a decision as to how many players should a franchise retain ahead of the IPL 2025 mega auction.

There was a lot of speculation over the retention of players for the next three-year cycle of the Indian Premier League. Franchises have been divided on the number of retentions for the forthcoming mega auction, with some concerned that teams will not develop a devoted fan base as a result of continual player movement.

A few franchises floated the idea of retaining 7-8 players, but the idea didn’t get much backing. There are many supporters of the current three retentions and one Right to Match (RTM) card arrangement, and not every franchise is in favor of an abrupt rise in retentions and RTMs.

As per a report in News18 CricketNext, BCCI is looking to stay with four retentions per team or three retentions and one Right To Match (RTM) card for the franchises.

Increasing retentions to say 6 or eight and then also having RTMs will make auctions a useless exercise. Auctions have added to the beauty of the IPL and giving it lesser importance will not help in keeping the league in good health,” an official told CricketNext.

Some franchises raised the concern of not getting a loyal fan base due to the regular movement of players. There have been a handful of players like Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, Jasprit Bumrah, and Lasith Malinga to name a few, who played their whole IPL career for one franchise.

It is a valid concern but it’s unlikely to be addressed without getting rid of the auction and starting a draft system, and then a transfer window of sorts.

Yes, that’s a concern for a lot of teams but we can’t compare fan bases in IPL to fan bases of EPL clubs. It’s still too early for that to happen in the IPL. That is why it has happened to only a handful of teams in the IPL. It will take time. And if there is desperation to make that happen, get rid of the auction and introduce a draft. Let there be a transfer system. Again, auctions bring a flavor to the IPL,” the official added.

Another senior executive from a team that invests much in scouting and devotes significant time to cultivating players even when the IPL is not in play advocated for an increase in retentions, claiming that even the teams that struggled this season appeared to have found their core.

Certain teams have not done well this season. Take Punjab Kings for instance, they didn’t qualify but have a solid few players in the mix. Players they scouted and invested their energies in. So even for those teams, increased retentions make sense and help in maintaining continuity,” says an official of a team.

The BCCI's senior brass was scheduled to meet with club owners during the 2024 IPL season to discuss the next steps, but the meeting was canceled. The owners have yet to be told of a new date, and they do not expect it to occur during the T20 World Cup. Some teams have been informed that the meeting may take place in June, but no decision has been made.

Aside from the retention rule, the Impact Player will be discussed, as many, including captain Rohit Sharma and coaches from various franchises, believe it is causing the game to become overly batter-dominated.

(News18 CricketNext inputs)


By Jatin Sharma - 31 May, 2024

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