IPL 2024: Simon Doull reveals he got death threats due to his criticism of Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli made 741 runs in IPL 2024 with five fifties and one century.

Virat Kohli made 741 runs in IPL 2024 with five fifties and one century | RCB X

Former New Zealand fast bowler and commentator Simon Doull is considered to be one of the most respected cricket experts currently on the scene. However, during the IPL 2024, Simon Doull revealed that he received death threats due to his criticizing Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) batter Virat Kohli.

Doull emphasized that, despite saying "thousands of good things" about the former Royal Challengers Bengaluru captain, he has faced terrible consequences for his criticism.

While Doull has frequently lauded the Indian batsman's abilities and accomplishments, he discovered that pointing out areas for development, like as strike rate, elicited rough responses from devoted supporters.

"I see a phenomenal player, a player who should be dominating more than what he was. That's what I talk about (when I mention) his strike rate. I felt that he was afraid to get out because he was worried about what was behind him rather than (saying), 'I'm so good'. It is the same thing I said about Babar and I had a chat with him after I talked about it in Pakistan and he said that his coaches told him the same thing. What I loved about (Kohli) this year was the intent to hit sixes," said Doull on Cricbuzz.

He stated that his main point has always been that Kohli shouldn't have to worry about getting out and that it was probably one of the few negative comments he has made about the former RCB captain.

"He is too good to worry about getting out and that was always my point. I have said a thousand great things about Virat Kohli but I say one thing negative or construed to be negative, I get death threats. That's the shame of it.

There has never been an issue and I would never have a reason to have personal problems. When I look at the game and the way it has moved, particularly with the impact sub, a strike rate of 130-135 didn't cut it anymore," he said.

Kohli finished IPL 2024 with the Orange Cap for most runs. He scored 741 runs in 15 games with one century and 5 fifties. He scored at an average of 61.75 and with a strike rate of 154.69 as an opener.


By Jatin Sharma - 29 May, 2024

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