Gautam Gambhir slams critics for blaming the IPL after Team India's failures at ICC events

Gautam Gambhir suggested the BCCI to donate 50% of its revenue to all other Olympic sports.


Former Indian cricketer-turned-politician Gautam Gambhir was disappointed to see how former cricketers and cricket experts have been blaming the Indian Premier League (IPL) for Team India’s poor performances in ICC events over the years.

After India’s embarrassing exit from the recent T20 World Cup 2022 with a 10-wicket loss to England in the semi-final, many have been blaming the IPL for the Indian cricket team’s inability to win an ICC event since 2013, with some suggesting players to restrict their participation in the T20 league.

In response to the criticism, Gambhir stated that it is unfair to blame the IPL for the Indian team's poor performance at the ICC event, claiming that the franchise league is the best thing that has ever happened to Indian cricket.

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Notably, the former opener captained Kolkata Knight Riders to two IPL titles in 2012 and 2014, and appeared in 154 IPL matches. Now, he works as the global mentor of the Lucknow Super Giants and Durban Super Giants franchises in the IPL and SA20 league, respectively.

As reported by IANS, Gautam Gambhir said on the sidelines of the TURF2022 & India Sports Awards of FICCI: “IPL is the best thing that has happened to Indian cricket. I can say this with all my senses. There has been a lot of backlash regarding IPL since it started. Every time Indian cricket does not do well, the blame comes on IPL, which is not fair.”

He further noted, “If we don’t perform well in ICC tournaments, blame the players, blame the performance, but it is unfair to point fingers at the IPL. A sportsman can only earn till he is 35-36. IPL provides with financial security which is equally important.”

The former left-handed batter lauded the BCCI for employing Indian coaches over the past few years to manage the Indian cricket team, and now he wants to see more Indian coaches in the IPL.

Gambhir further explained, “One good thing that has happened in Indian cricket is that Indians have started coaching the Indian national cricket team now. I strongly believe (an) Indian should coach the Indian team. All these foreign coaches, who we gave a lot of importance to, come here to make money and then they vanish. Emotions are important in sports. The only people who can be emotional about Indian cricket are the ones who have represented their country.”

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He continued, “I am a mentor of Lucknow Super Giants. One thing I want to change is that I want to see all Indian coaches in IPL. Because no Indian coach gets an opportunity in Big Bash or any other foreign league. India is a superpower in cricket, but our coaches do not get the opportunity anywhere. All the foreigners come here and get the top jobs. We are more democratic and flexible than other leagues. We need to give our people more opportunity.”

Gambhir also feels all the state governments should adopt the Odisha model of encouraging other sports like hockey and picking up one Olympic sport to promote in their respective states, while suggesting the BCCI to donate 50% of its revenue to all other Olympic sports.

He said, “Sports is going to play a massive role in the development of India. There is a need to engage young children in sports and physical activities instead of their electronic devices. Every state should pick up one sport as Odisha has done with Indian hockey. See where hockey has gone today. I know sports ministry is doing a lot and corporates are getting involved, but if each state picks up one sport and completely focuses on that, imagine where our Olympic sports are going to be.”

Gambhir signed off by saying, “If it is my way, probably the BCCI should also go on and give 50 percent of revenue to all other Olympic sports, though it is not my way. Because 50 percent of revenue that is generated out of cricket is enough for cricketers. But the rest of the 50 percent can actually pick up all the other sports.”

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By Rashmi Nanda - 27 Nov, 2022

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