IPL 2020: Ian Bishop and Deep Dasgupta react to MS Dhoni-Paul Reiffel wide ball controversy

Dhoni showed his anger on Paul Reiffel as the umpire was about to signal a wide.

Dhoni’s on-field outrage in Dubai | Twitter

The 29th Match of the ongoing IPL 2020 between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) caught the eyes of all experts and fans across the globe and made headlines on social media over MS Dhoni for his alleged bullying behavior at umpire Paul Reiffel.

Former India captain and current CSK skipper Dhoni has been branded as ‘captain cool’ due to his calm and composed on-field behavior, but since the last season of the IPL, the legendary wicketkeeper has been showing another side of his cool temperament in the T20 league.

Last year, Dhoni was seen racing from the dugout and charging at the umpires after the RR’s no-ball wasn’t eventually reversed by the umpire which was more than just showing dissent and on Tuesday, October 13, something similar got to see in Dubai.

Dhoni displayed dissent at the umpire during an IPL 13 clash between SRH v CSK after Reiffel was almost to declare Shardul Thakur’s delivery to SRH’s Rashid Khan a wide that was eventually declared to be legal after the CSK was seen in frustration put his arms out and glared at the umpire.

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Following a lot of social media drama over the incident, former cricketers Deep Dasgupta and Ian Bishop have admitted to the fact that the umpire was scared by Dhoni’s on-field outrage.

Dasgupta said of the controversy: “Paul Reiffel was going for that, for the wide, but then something happened and changed his mind. He was halfway there; he was almost there but then he changed his mind and what intrigued me was he got on a 2-way thing with the third umpire as well.”

While Bishop opined: “I’m someone who is very sympathetic to the umpires because I think it’s a difficult job but tonight, I’m going to say that Paul Reiffel made a mistake. He looked up, it was wide, it should’ve been called a wide. He looked up, saw Dhoni, and changed his mind.”

Dasgupta signed off by saying, “I don’t know whether intimidation is the right word here, I think it’s too strong a word. But you kind of has a second thought about it. His [umpire’s] initial reaction was wide and we saw that since it was outside the tramline, we saw that and we did see the umpire change his mind. For whatever reason, MS Dhoni did change his mind.”

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By Rashmi Nanda - 15 Oct, 2020

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