IPL 2020: 971 players register for 73 spots in IPL auction with 1 player from USA

The player auction is scheduled on 19 December at Kolkata.

Hugh Edmeades will be the auctioneer at IPL player auction on 19 December | Getty

The player registration for Indian Premier League (IPL) closed on November 30 with 971 players (713 Indian and 258 overseas players) signing up to be a part of the IPL 2020. The player auction for next year’s IPL is scheduled for 19 December at Kolkata.

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There are about 73 spots to be filled with 215 capped players, 754 uncapped and 2 players from Associate Nations being available.

· Capped Indian (19 players)
· Uncapped Indian (634 players)
· Uncapped Indians who have played at least 1 IPL match (60 players)
· Capped International (196 players
· Uncapped International (60 players)
· Associate (2 players)

Hugh Edmeades will once again be the auctioneer. Franchises will now have time until 5:00 PM IST, Monday, 9th December to submit their shortlist of players that will make up the final IPL 2020 player auction list.

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By Swapnil Shireesh Javkhedkar - 02 Dec, 2019

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