CWC 2019: Is this Team India's 'away' jersey for the World Cup?

India will wear the away kit against England on June 30.

With ICC adopting the football concept of home and away kits to ensure it's easier for fans to differentiate between teams with similar colored kits, teams like Afghanistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have played their games with two different colored jerseys.

England being the home team did not need a second jersey, and Pakistan were exempted by the ICC. Australia, New Zealand and West Indies also don't require another jersey as their colors are unique and not common with any other team in the tournament.

India who wear blue are also required to wear a different jersey when they take on England on June 30. Social media users have been speculating the color and design of the jersey since quite some time and it appears that the 'away' kit has been unveiled in some stores now.

Here is a picture doing the rounds on social media:

Team India's home and away jersey | Twitter

The away jersey has a much darker shade of blue with plenty of orange on the sleeves. India last wore dark blue in the World Cup in 1992 and since then have opted to go with much lighter shades.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot confirm whether this indeed will be the jersey that Team India will wear when they take on England, as the official release is expected in the coming days.


By Saurabh Malhotra - 21 Jun, 2019

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