Asia Cup 2018: Pakistan's Bashir Chacha sponsors Indian superfan Sudhir Gautam's Asia Cup trip

Bashir Chacha is face of Pakistan cricket team fandom.

Sudhir Gautam and Bashir Chacha

Sports does the job to connect two nations better than politicians. We have seen it many times and saw it once again ahead of the clash between India and Pakistan. 

Everyone is familiar with Sudhir Gautam, the man who paints himself in Indian tri-color with 'Miss You Tendulkar' written on his chest. He didn't have enough money to visit UAE, the venue for Asia Cup 2018, and root for his team.

But it was made possible by Bashir Chacha aka Chacha Chicago of Pakistan. When the political tension is increasing day-by-day between India and Pakistan, this beautiful gesture by Pakistan's superfan for an Indian cricket enthusiast is heart melting.

It shows if the people from both countries try to keep the harmony, things can get better.

Chacha Chicago helped Sudhir with the flight tickets, food and stay in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. "It's pure love. You know the money will come and go with Allah's grace. I told Sudhir you just come here and I will take care of everything. I am not a rich person but my heart is as big as an ocean. If I help you, Allah will be happy," Bashir Chacha told from the UAE.

Sudhir added: "I handled the visa, chacha handled the tickets just for me to cheer for Team India. Chachaji also took care of everything, including the hotel and my food."

India and Pakistan are set to clash on September 19 in Dubai. India's win over Hong Kong in their first game has ensured the two teams will meet at least one more time in the tournament. 

"We lost the Champions Trophy final against them last year but 2018 is ours. We will take revenge against them here and Asia Cup is ours," Sudhir said.

Interestingly, Bashir Chacha will also be happy if India wins the match on Wednesday since Pakistan had won the Champions Trophy final.

"India and Pakistan game will happen every year. Last time we won [Champions Trophy final] and this time I will be happy if you win the game," Bashir said.


By Sihyeu Singh - 19 Sep, 2018

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