Harbhajan Singh lands an epic diss on Tino Best, after Best's comment on monkeygate issue

Harbhajan Singh and Tino Best have engaged in Twitter banter quite a lot.

Harbhajan Singh and Tino BestHarbhajan Singh is known for his sense of humor, something that he has shown on numerous occasions on Twitter and his show for CSK “Bhajji Blast”.

Harbhajan also has an ongoing feud with former Windies quick bowler Tino Best, who had earlier taken Harbhajan to task over India’s performance in Test series against England, which India lost 1-4.

This time, however, Best tried to poke his nose in the Harbhajan-Symonds’ monkeygate issue. Symonds’ had said in an interview that Harbhajan had broken down crying during an apology to him for him calling Symonds a monkey.

However, Harbhajan Singh tweeted with a comic “WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN ??? BROKE DOWN ???? WHAT FOR ??? Harbhajan broke down when apologising for 'monkeygate' - Symonds”  

To this Tino Best commented using his best sarcasm, “No remorse still the cockiness

However, this proved to be a mistake, as Harbhajan completely feigned ignorance and tweeted, “Who is this ??? Guys this guy looking for attention.. does anyone know who he is ??



By Jatin Sharma - 16 Dec, 2018

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